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Strictly speaking, keeping an accurate VAT account is part of one’s book-keeping tasks, but it can be a little complicated to the uninitiated. We can advise what, when and even where VAT should be charged, what can or cannot be claimed, and how to account for and report VAT liabilities.

You are in business - should you be charging VAT? If your turnover has not yet reached the Registration Limit, would it be economically viable for your business to voluntarily register for VAT? Does your business make imports from within the EU?

Not only can we advise about VAT, we can help you to register for VAT and keep the records for you. We can also submit VAT Returns on your behalf.

One has to be aware these days of the penalties for failing to comply with the various tax rules and regulations. Not only can you be fined for not keeping accurate or adequate business records, and particularly VAT accounts, you can also suffer for not filing your VAT or ECSL Return’s on time; and, of course, for not paying your liabilities on time!

We can provide a VAT Service as a separate service for your own book-keeping, as a one-off advisory service or incorporate it into our book-keeping service.