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This is what the company was first set up for - Administration Services. These days it is not uncommon for those in business to suffer from daily pressure upon their time - and what normally suffers in those circumstances? Administration. But, what happens when you need to know something that is perhaps buried within that pile of paperwork for which you never seem to have time to file? Or perhaps it wasn’t in that particular ‘pile’! Now, just where did you file it?

Or perhaps you have problems keeping up to date with the invoicing your customers, reconciling your bank accounts or simply find keeping track of receipts, bills and purchases a total headache. This is where we can assist. Although we cannot offer the role of  Secretary or Typist, when it comes to administration and financial matters, we can offer an ‘off-site’ supporting role.

Normally weekly or monthly assistance is all that is required, at an economical hourly rate.

We can also assist businesses with and during a

‘Record Inspection’ by HM Revenue & Customs